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Extra-Large Chestnuts (over 1-1/8") sold in 7.5 pound increments. Once harvested, we clean, inspect, and refrigerate quickly to maintain freshness and provide the highest quality chestnuts possible.

Extra Large Chestnuts, 7.5# Bag - $5.90/lb.


We offer honest, flat shipping rates for orders up to 30 pounds. Knowing that delivery costs add up quickly, we've researched our options thoroughly and have selected bags and boxes based on package sizes that we can ship most reliably and economically.


Our online store is geared towards those ordering 30 pounds or less. While it's possible to add higher quantities to your cart, you may find it impractical to do so in terms of shipping costs.  Please contact us about orders over 30 pounds.


Delivery time is 2 to 3 business days; however, to ensure delivery before the weekend, we ship on Mondays and Tuesdays only. This means, depending on the timing of your order, chestnuts may remain in refrigeration for several days before they are shipped (e.g., an order placed on Wednesday will be shipped the following Monday). Please keep this in mind when ordering.


We ship our fresh chestnuts across the continental U.S.; however, California, Washington, & Oregon state laws prohibit us from shipping to their states. ​


Some shrinkage is to be expected during shipment so additional chestnuts are added to each order.

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