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Chestnuts are sweet and delicious, but don't let that fool you; they have many nutritional benefits as well. Only a handful of other foods match their nutritional value; the numbers speak for themselves!

Health Benefits of Chestnuts

  • Chestnuts are cholesterol free and 99% fat free

  • Chestnuts are rich sources of vitamins and minerals, and boast antioxidants as well

  • High in complex carbs, chestnuts are a great source of energy

  • Pound for pound, chestnuts contain as much Vitamin C as lemons

  • Chestnuts are gluten free

  • Chestnuts are an excellent source of cholesterol lowering, digestion aiding dietary fiber

  • Chestnuts are rich in folates

  • Chestnuts have a low glycemic index

Nutrient Composition of Chestnuts

(roasted, 1 oz.)



   Vitamin C






1.2 g

11 mg

135 mg

0.3 g

0 mg

14.4 g

Nutritional Comparison of Nuts (per oz.)

Nut Comparison.jpg
Nutritiona comparison of chestnuts to other nuts

Nutritional Information supplied by the University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry.

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