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Valley Chestnuts landowner

Richard LANE

His vision is simple: leave something behind that enables his family to make a living together. He's not only contributed the vision, land, and opportunity; he's the primary manager of the farm as well. Using his many years of experience in steel fabrication, he's designed and set up a custom processing line that includes a chestnut sizer, washer, and many other components.


Athan & Emily MONCADA

Athan & Emily have recently returned to

Iowa to become further involved in the business. Athan's business background and analytics know-how are being utilized, and he plays a key part in many aspects of the farm and business. Emily grew up on the farm and is taking on an ever-growing role with social media marketing.


Jeff & Leanne ALLEN

Jeff oversees the business side of things and day-to-day operations. He also manages the finances and keeps records, develops plans and projections, and has a spreadsheet for pretty much everything. Leanne manages the website and online store for direct-to-consumer sales, and assists with harvest and processing as well.


Olivia & Thor HESTER

Olivia also grew up on our family farm and graduated from Iowa State with a degree in Horticulture, specializing in fruit and vegetable production. Thor is an ISU graduate as well and works as a process engineer. Together, they assist with crop oversight & harvest, and keep our processing line running efficiently.


Ethan & Stacia GERST

Ethan and Stacia are excited to be involved in a family-oriented business and to involve their kids more and more as they grow. Ethan's extensive experience with retail sales and social media marketing are valuable assets, and he's involved in multiple aspects of managing the farm where he was raised. Stacia helps with order fulfillment and many other various tasks.


Trevor GERST

Trevor is involved in the planting and care of our chestnut trees and acreage, helping with mowing, spraying, record-keeping, and numerous other tasks. He assists with harvest, processing, and order fulfillment and enjoys working on the family farm where he grew up.

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