Three generations reside on our family--owned and operated chestnut farm, nestled in a secluded valley of SE Iowa.  In an agricultural state best known for its corn and soybeans, we've discovered a crop that's even better matched to our loamy soil, broken-up patches of land, and narrow valley roads not suitable for large equipment: The Chestnut.


Chestnuts afford us the privilege of doing something we love in a place we love: cultivating family relationships as we simultaneously establish and nurture a valuable crop.  As we work to steward our land and revive rich chestnut traditions in America, we're gratefully establishing traditions of our own.

As a family, we're committed to excellence and are pleased to provide quality products that reflect our high standards and values. We look forward to sharing our fresh chestnuts with you!


On September 8, 2017, our very first seedlings went into the ground.

With the planting of 500 trees, Valley Chestnuts was born.

But this was only the beginning.

Now that our 2020 plantings are complete, we've established more than 3100 trees -- a portion of our overall current goal.

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As we establish and enlarge our orchard and look forward to the first harvest, we're busy on other fronts as well.

We've installed a processing line to clean, size, inspect, & bag fresh chestnuts. Neighboring chestnut producers with high growing standards have been identified and this fall we'll offer produce from trusted, local growers in SE Iowa.

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Customer satisfaction is one of our

core values at Valley Chestnuts. We

want our customers to be happy, so we'll stand behind every bag of fresh chestnuts we sell. 


Our customers can order with confidence, knowing we'll go out of our way to ensure their satisfaction.

Choose from a variety of chestnut sizes

and quantities:


Chestnuts roasting on an open fire evoke feelings of festivity and cheer, but they aren't just for the holidays!

Unlike other nut varieties, chestnuts should be cooked, but they can be prepared in a wide variety of ways. Try them in soups, pastas, desserts, and more for special variations of your favorite sweet or savory dishes!

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The best chestnuts aren't sold at the market; they come straight from the farm.  By harvesting, processing, and shipping quickly, we provide the freshest products possible for our valued customers.

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